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Cricut when to replace the blade?

Cricut when to replace the blade?
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As a general rule, you should replace the circuit blade every 6 months — 1 year. If you think your blade cannot be cleaned or reused, replace it. Use separate blades for different materials to make them last longer. As “it depends” is a terrible answer I asked in my cricut Facebook group.

I found that more than 80% used their blade for more than a year. This was for craftsmen who used their machines a lot, even for commercial purposes and with a variety of materials. There are also off-brand blades available in large packages for much less money. These are the ones I choose to buy.

They include 3 different blade options: a 30 degree, 45 degree and a 60 degree blade. Lightweight cardstock uses less pressure than heavy cardstock, about 20% less. And while glitter card uses less pressure than heavy cardstock, your machine will cut the design twice to ensure a proper cut. Is your blade dull? Does it rip paper and leave small tears in your Cricut cuts? Are you dragging the paper off your mat? If your mat is in good condition, that shouldn’t happen.

You might consider changing your blade. Did you hear it all on “infomercial voice”? Mmmm, I was really trying. A Cricut blade can be full for several reasons, some are easy to fix and others a little more difficult. There is a lot of information about Cricut machines and how to fix them and the different projects, but there is not much information about when a Cricut blade should be changed.

Either way, you’ll start to get an idea of how long a blade lasts after using your Cricut for a while. The blades of Cricut machines should be changed at different intervals depending on the materials you use with your machine. So when to replace the blades on your Cricut machine? It all depends on what kind of craftsman you are and how you use your machine. If that doesn’t work, try changing the voltage through the main management systems area of your Cricut control panel.

The type of material you are cutting with your Cricut has as much impact on the blade as the amount of time you spend using it. If you decide to purchase Cricut brand blades, be sure to buy the “Premium” fine point blade if you own a Maker or Explore Air 2.In general, the average service life of a premium fine tip blade on a Cricut Maker machine is 3 to 6 months. This Cricut cardboard almost always cuts very well, but I noticed some “hanging chads” in a recent cut. As the cricut has many uses, you will need to change the blade more frequently if you use thicker materials, such as wood chips or fine metals.

The last way to ensure that the life of your Cricut blade is long and fruitful is to exchange your blade for specific materials. Cricut blades are the same, so if you use paper on a blade and then try to use cloth, you may have problems after so long, the blade will be dull to paper standards and you won’t be able to cut the fabric into a clean cut.